Daughter hints at unclarified issues on Gui Minhai

Reports say Causeway Bay bookseller Gui Minhai is now staying with his wife in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, after his apparent release from a mainland prison this month, although his daughter did not confirm this.

The US-based Independent Chinese Pen Centre issued a press release saying that Gui, who is a member of the center, wants to go to Germany, where he has lived in the past.

His wife, Jennifer, has a German passport, and Gui himself is a Swedish citizen. 

The center said it’s unclear whether the bookseller is free to go anywhere he wants in the city. It called on the Chinese authorities to let him go to Europe and reunite with his daughter, Angela, who’s in England. 

She said she had received a phone call, but did not confirm it was from her father.

Gui Minhai was the first of five Hong Kong booksellers who went missing two years ago. He was allegedly kidnapped while in Thailand and was taken to the mainland, where the other four also later resurfaced.

Their bookstore sold titles that were banned on the mainland, and some of the books were critical of mainland state leaders.-Photo: RTHK